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Interpretation of the evaluations


You are a student which is enrolled in one or more courses in the Moodle Course Management System. Maybe you probably want to know if you have accessed all the resources of the courses, if all quizzes are done, which score you have reached and how regularly you have accessed the courses etc.
If this is your case, GISMO can help you. GISMO is a graphical interactive student monitoring and tracking system tool that extracts tracking data from the Moodle Course Management System and generates useful graphical representations that can be explored to reflect your own performance.

Starting GISMO

You can access the block once the teacher has enabled it in the course. Click on the “Reporting Tool” link that appears within the MOCLOG – Gismo block to start the application.

Welcome page

The figure represents the welcome page of GISMO. As you can see, there are 4 different areas:

  • Graph Panel: Graphs are drawn on this panel.
  • List Panel: contains a list of resources, quizzes and assignments of the monitored course. For each list you can select/deselect data to visualize.
  • Time Panel: Using this panel you can reduce the selection on time.
  • Menu Panel: There are four menu items in the bar: File, Resources, Activities and Help. We will illustrate each of them in the next chapter.
    In the menu File you can access the “Options”, the possibility to “Export chart as image” and “Exit” Gismo.
    In the menu Help you can access the “Help” and some information “About Gismo”.
  • Icons Panel: By clicking on these items, you can list the resources, assignments, forums and quizzes. You can save the graphs as images by clicking on the disc-icon.
  • General Panel: information in which course you are right now.

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Interpretation of the evaluations


In this chapter we want to show the graphs of the menus Resources and Activities and give hints for interpreting them. It is possible to select only some of the resources or activities in the list panel.


In the menu Resources you will find two submenus listed:

  1. Students overview
    In this submenu you will get the information, which resources and how many times you accessed them in this course as well as which resources you have never accessed.
  2. Accesses overview
    Here you will see the number of accesses to each resource of the course in a bar chart.

Overview resources
Menu: Resources > Students overview

You could also be interested in having the details on what resources you accessed and when. The figure reports your name on the X-axis, and resource names on the Y-axis. A mark is depicted if you accessed this resource, and the colour of the mark ranges from light-red to dark-red according to the number of times you accessed this resource.
On the list panel you can select/deselect some of the resources.

Overview accesses on resources
Menu: Resources > Accesses overview

The image in figure represents the number (figure on the top of the bar) of accesses to each resource of the course (X-axis). Each bar of the diagram represents a particular resource of the course.
Here you can also select/deselect some of the resources on the list panel.


In the menu “Activities” you will find maximum four submenus listed, depends on the activities that are available in the course:

  1. Assignments
    The chart of this submenu will show you which assignments you solved and what grade you received.
  2. Forums
    Here you will see the activities in the forums of the course and how many times you read and wrote a post or a thread.
  3. Forums over time
    The graph of this submenu represents the number of contributions to forums over a time period.
  4. Quizzes
    The chart of this submenu will show you which quizzes you completed and what grade you received.

Overview activities in assignments
Menu: Activities > Assignments

The figure is indented to visually indicate the solved assignments and the grades you received.
On the Y-axis you see the assignments; An empty square means a submission not graded, while a coloured square reports the grade. A lower grade is depicted with a light colour; a high grade is depicted with a dark colour.
By moving the mouse over one square in the chart, you see the detail information of the grade.

Actions in forums
Menu: Activities > Forums

In the graph you see in the list panel the forums of the course: in this example there are two forums. You as a student would see here that you read or accessed thirteen times one or more threads in the “Betreuungsforum Studierende” and wrote three postings or threads.

Number of contributions in forums over time period
Menu: Activities > Forums over time

The figure reports an overview of the number of contributions in the forums over time. In this example you, as a student, made one contribution in October and one in December. You can select/deselect a forum in the list panel to show the graph of only one forum.

Overview activities in quizzes
Menu: Activities > Quizzes

The graph represents your name as a student on the X-axis; and the quizzes on the Y-axis. By moving the mouse over one square in the graph, you see the grade you received. In this example you solved three of four quizzes.

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