MOCLog presentation at the first Moodle Research Conference

MOCLog presentation ad the first Moodle Research Conference

Marco Bettoni (left) and Luca Mazzola. Credits:

On September, the 15th, Marco Bettoni (FFHS) and Luca Mazzola (USI) presented the paper “MOCLog Monitoring Online Courses with log data” at the first Moodle Research Conference ( in  Heraklion, Crete, Greece.

Check the conference proceedings and look page 132 to read the paper or go to Slideshare for the slides.

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MOCLog at the first Moodle research conference

The Fernfachhochschule Schweiz (FFHS) and the Università della Svizzera italiana (USI) will present the paper called “MOCLog Monitoring Online Courses with log data”
at the first Moodle research conference.

The conference will take place from September 14-15, 2012  in Heraklion, Crete, Greece.

More information about the conference:

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New MOCLog and GISMO plugin for Moodle available

The newest plugins MOCLog (for administrators and study program managers) and GISMO (for teachers and students) are now available for Moodle.

You can download the plugins on

We are now testing the plugins and  will soon publish the next version.
Your reviews are welcome so that we can improve the plugins!

The tutorials for the plugins will also soon be available online.

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Model of logfile analysis

The basic idea of the MOCLog approach to logfile analys  is to combine in a useful tool a systematic understanding of eLearning quality with data about LMS activities by users (logfiles). Similarly to a detective who tries to make sense of the clues of a crime not only based on case experience but also by using forensic science (Sherlock Holmes is famous for this), in developing the MOClog model of logfile analysis we also intend to use eLearning science and especially its insights in the quality of the learning process; this understanding, complemented with eLearning good practice (experience), will be our guide in the work of interpreting the traces that learning activities leave in the LMS system in the shape of logfile entries.

The FFHS has defined a model that supports the design of MOCLog functionalities. This model is called MOCLog solution map and consists on the definition of functionalities based on the following elements:

  • a specific didactical objective that needs to be achieved
  • the learning process that leads to that objective and needs to be monitored
  • the eLearning function which enables that learning process
  • the LMS-tool which supports that function
  • and finally the log code and logfile entry which indicates the use of this tool.

The model was used to design and develop the MOCLog tool.

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Design and development of the MOCLog-tool

Based on the model of logfile analysis and the analysis of the requirements of the stakeholders our project partners from USI, BFH and FHNW designed and developed the MOClog tool for the analysis of the logfiles and the creation of visualisations for various use cases that are relevant to our stakeholders (student, teacher, study program manager, administrator).

We are now testing the beta-version in the partner institutions.

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MOCLog started

We started with the MOCLog project a month ago. At the moment we are doing a requirements analysis from the users. First we will do a workshop with Moodle administrators. Afterwards there will be an onilne survey with students and a survey with teachers. At the end we will interview some study program managers about their needs concerning the logfile monitoring of their degree programs.

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